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Since releasing the full length Soul Like Khan, Brown Bag AllStar representative Soul Khan has released EP after quality EP. This year he delivered two of my favorites, Wellstone and Psalm

Video for the title track from Soul Khan’s free EP “Wellstone.”  Get the EP at DJ Booth.

Soul Khan’s releases are $1 for a limited time.  

Soul Like Khan - $1

Acknowledgment EP - $1

Resolution EP - $1

Pursuance EP - $1

Crap load of good music for $4, priceless..

Get ‘em on Bandcamp here.  Oh, and his latest Wellstone EP is for free on DJ!

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Wellstone (feat. Akie Bermiss) - Soul Khan

Politically charged rap has kind of taken a backseat to drug fueled, gansta posturing in the days since Public Enemy. Sure there’s Mos Def and Killer Mike but they are few and far between. Soul Khan is the between. In this Grass Roots sampling track, Khan attacks Barack Obama and America’s hypocrisy amongst other things. The heavy content is offset by the fact that this song is absurdly catchy.

GENRE: Hip Hop/Rap